How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for a Divorce?

The contemporary world has witnessed a steady rise in divorce cases. One of the reasons to explain this includes the social and economic pressures that are stretching family members beyond their emotional limits. Consequently, divorce has been an inevitable outcome, and the primary issue that ensues is the actual cost of financing a divorce. The fees that attorneys ask for this procedure vary across various jurisdictions. Additionally, there are a variety of issues that dictate the total cost- they are unique for particular divorce cases. For instance, a family and divorce lawyer might be interested in finding out where a specific client lives, whether the spouses are reciprocal or combative, and the number of issues at hand. The story is similar when one tries to find out the length of time required to finalize the process.

Most people are always worried about having a divorce lawyer by their side when dealing with a divorce. Another primary concern includes the actual cost of processing the situation. Even when one conducts market research on platforms, such as family and divorce websites, they may be interested in finding out whether a particular law firm has extreme charges or even below the prevailing market rates. The latter scenario could be a suggestion that the legal practitioner lacks customers because their experience is wanting.

A recent survey indicated that the average cost that family and divorce lawyers ask is $ 250 on an hourly basis as analyzed. This figure was consistent for lawyers who offered a wide variety of legal assistance in a divorce incident as stated. There are three major scenarios which include full representation, whereby the attorney is obliged to handle every matter in the divorce case in question. Secondly, there is the partial representation or limited scope where the legal practitioner agrees to handle specific aspects of the divorce case. They could also handle issues of child custody or alimony, excluding the division of property. Lastly, the agreement could revolve around consultation, where the client pays for professional advice and guidance but does not seek legal representation.

The survey mentioned above indicated that there were a few individuals who said that they parted with as little as $ 55 per hour, while others reported that they paid their family and divorce lawyers $ 450 and $ 600 per hour. On the other hand, a vast majority indicated that they paid between $ 155 and $ 355 per hour, with the most common charge being $ 250. The other major concern for people who are seeking divorce includes the length of the entire process. The survey demonstrated that divorce cases involved filling the petition to practically settling the issue in court, a procedure that took an average 11 months to finalize. Imperatively, not all cases reach the trial stage – such circumstances are less demanding in terms of charges and duration.